Happy Lefthanders’ Day to all of my fellow lefties! For those who don’t know, August 13th is International Lefthanders’ Day. I’m a proud lefty and have always been fascinated with being left-handed.

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At one point, I was even a member of an online left-handers’ membership club (…don’t judge me). I’ve also visited Lefty’s, the Left-Handed Store in San Francisco, several times.  If you’re a lefty and are either living in the Bay Area or find yourself visiting San Francisco I definitely encourage you to visit. The store is located at Pier 39 so you can definitely make it a full day trip exploring the area. Also, I didn’t realize how many products could be specialized for lefties to make our lives easier until I visited the store. From notebooks, to scissors, to coffee mugs…this place is amazing!

Lefty Facts

In honor of Lefthanders’ Day, I’ve decided to share 10 leftie facts!

  1. Lefties make up approximately 10% of the population.
  2. Lefties are more likely to be on the extreme poles of the intelligence scale. So lefties are more likely to be intellectually challenged but also more likely to be intellectually gifted geniuses.
  3. Many geniuses and world leaders are left-handed. Some include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Barack Obama, Oprah, Bill Gates, and Marie Curie.
  4. Lefties are more likely to pursue creative careers. This might be because they use the right side of their brain more. The right side of the brain is responsible for facial recognition, visual imagery, spatial recognition, and interpreting context.
  5. Lefties are faster at processing multiple stimuli than right-handers. Which means we dominate when it comes to multi-tasking.
  6. Lefties drink more alcohol than right-handers. Hey, that just means we really like to have a good time…right?
  7. Left-handedness runs in families. I’m the only lefty of my siblings, but my mom is ambidextrous (she can write with either hand).
  8. Lefties show more fear that right-handers. This makes sense to me because I’m always paranoid. I avoid scary movies at all costs.
  9. Being left-handed is an advantage in certain sports, such as boxing, tennis, fencing, and baseball. Unfortunately…I’m athletically challenged.
  10. Lefties are more likely to hear rapidly changing sounds compared to right-handers.

Lefty Struggles

Since Lefthanders Day is also about awareness, I also think it would be fun to share some struggles unique to lefties.

  1. Writing is a struggle because your left-hand smudges all of your writing. So you end up with the side of your hand being covered in ink or lead. I’ve pretty much given up on using pencils.
  2. Writing in notebooks and binders is a struggle because the binder rings and notebook spirals constantly get in the way of your hand.
  3. Completing everyday activities can be more of a struggle than it needs to be. Everything you encounter is designed for people who are right-handed. I definitely blame some of my clumsiness on being left-handed.
  4. Arts and crafts activities that involve using scissors are a struggle. Especially if there aren’t any pairs of lefty scissors.
  5. You’re always conscious of where you sit at the dinner table, especially at round tables or booths, because you’re constantly bumping arms with the person next to you.
  6. It’s a struggle to find a left-handed desk in a classroom. Or there’s that moment when you finally find one in a lecture hall…only to find a right-handed person sitting there.
  7. Pretty much everything you encounter in your life is made for right-handers. Scissors, can openers, mugs, measuring cups, keyboards, binders, measuring tape…the list really goes on and on.
  8. Having to write on the whiteboard in class (or who remembers writing on the projector?) is a dreaded activity because you know your left hand is going to smudge and erase everything.
  9. Struggling to figure out which hand/side to use when playing a new sport or activity. Should I try and bowl with my left or right hand? Which side should I face when playing baseball? No one could answer me because they were all right-handers.
  10. Being excited to finally see another lefty who can relate to some of your everyday struggles.

Are you a fellow lefty? Do you know any other fun lefty facts? What are some lefty struggles that you’ve experienced? Let me know in the comments below!


Thanks for reading!

– Kiana


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10 Lefty Facts & 10 Lefty Struggles - www.kianaturally.com