Girl Boss. Like a Boss. Boss Status. The October curlBOX was all about showing off your ability to stand out and take charge.

I’m sharing the products I received as well as my thoughts on the products I received in my October curlBOX.

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curlBOX is a monthly subscription box that features hair products intended for naturally curly/textured hair. The October curlBOX featured products from Proganix.

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October curlBOX

The October Boss box featured the Quench line from Proganix including their shampoo, conditionerleave in moisture spray, and moisture balm

The products in this line contain a blend of coconut water, electrolytes, and coconut oil. The products aim to help “transform your dry, parched hair into hydrated, silky perfection”.

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Progranix Quench Line


Proganix Quench Shampoo: This shampoo helps to “drench your dry, lifeless tresses with lightweight moisture to help make your hair look healthier and make you feel unstoppable”. One thing I loved about all of the products in this line is the smell. I’m a sucker for great smelling hair products and these coconut blended products reminded me of being on a beach with a tropical drink in hand. I also felt like this shampoo gave me a deep clean with a nice lather. As I mentioned in last month’s curlBOX review, I usually judge shampoos on how sudsy they get. I received a full-sized version of this product (8.5 oz) and it can be found at Walmart for $8.14.


Proganix Quench Conditioner: This conditioner helps to “transform your dry hair into luscious locks”. I always detangle my hair in the shower while washing my hair. While the conditioner is in my hair, I detangle with a wide toothed comb under running water. It makes detangling my naturally curly hair so much easier. This conditioner made that process very easy since the comb was able to glide through my hair. I received a full-sized version of this 8.5 oz) and it can be found at Walmart for $8.14.


leave-in moisture

Proganix Quench Leave-In Moisture Spray: This leave-in spray helps to “transform thirsty hair into silky, shiny perfection“. I did notice that this product gave my hair a nice shine when I applied it. However, I noticed that the product clumps up if you spray too much of it. I go a little crazy with leave in sprays and love to add a lot of the product in my hair for more moisture, but I noticed that this product started to clump up and leave small white residue chunks in my hair.  I received a full-sized version of this product (5.1 oz) and it can be found at Walmart for $9.77.

moisture balm

Proganix Quench Moisture Balm: This moisture balm helps keep fly-aways at bay. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this product because I was hoping it would help tame the frizz from my curly hair, but it didn’t do that as much as I hoped. Also, although my hair initially felt moisturized, after a while my hair started to feel dried out. I received a full-sized version of this product (6.0 oz) and it can be found at Walmart for $8.89.

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Progranix Quench Review

Overall, I really enjoyed how the products smelled. Of all of the products, my top picks are the shampoo and conditioner. Also, I got a pretty good deal for the products with curlBOX. The subscription is $25 and the products are worth about $35. However, I will say that although my hair initially felt moisturized, the products left my 3b/4a curly hair texture a bit dry after a while.

Are you also a fan of Proganix products? Have you tried the Quench line? Any products you loved? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

October curlBOX Review

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curlBOX Review: October 2015 -


curlBOX Review: October 2015 -