I have a lot of goals around improving my health, skin, and hair.

I’ve realized that drinking water is a great way for me to reach those goals.

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A few years ago, I hardly ever drank water and preferred the taste of my favorite sugary, carbonated beverages. However,  I have been working to increase my daily water intake and I’m now at the point where my body actually starts to crave it.

I’ll be honest though, I do have a craving for a fizzy drink every so often. I also still enjoy other sweet drinks, but I try and make sure water is my primary drink every day.

There are also so many great benefits associated with drinking more water!

  1. It can be used as a weight loss strategy. I’m trying to lose weight and drinking water can help you feel full longer so you don’t eat as much.
  2. It helps improve the look of your skin. Although I do love the flawless look that a full coverage foundation can give, I still enjoy my “no makeup” days. I want to make sure my skin looks healthy and glowing so that I can feel comfortable rocking that all natural look.
  3. It can help with enhancing hair growth. Growing long, healthy hair starts with taking care of your body from the inside out so drinking more water is the way to go!
  4. It helps your body FEEL better! I feel more energized and alert after drinking more water throughout the day.

I have been using a phone app that helps me monitor my drinking habits and ensures that I drink the suggested amount of water everyday: Daily Water. I have been using this app for almost a year and I find it really helpful. My water intake has increased dramatically and I have been really consistent with drinking more water.

Confession time:

I’m only consistent during the work week and on the weekends I’m terrible with keeping up with this…but I’m getting much better.

I like that the app allows you to set your weight, the time you wake up, the time you go to sleep, and the size of the cup/bottle/mug/etc. you’ll be drinking out of. It will also send you reminders throughout the day to drink water so you can make sure you hit you daily intake goal. The app lets you choose different sizes of containers, tracks your history, and grades your drinking habits.

I usually get a B average every month since I’m so bad at drinking water on the weekends.

I also have a few additional tips that have helped me with drinking more water throughout the day:

  1. Using a larger water bottle makes drinking more water throughout the day much easier. I have a 1-liter bottle and knowing that I only have to fill it up and drink it twice a day makes the task a lot easier. Also, having the bottle within arms reach and visible is a visual reminder to take sips throughout the day. If you don’t have a reusable water bottle available, it’s helpful to also take a few plastic water bottles and leave them in front of you as a constant reminder to drink more.
  2. Try drinking water with every meal, which is also great because it helps you feel more full so that you’ll eat less food.
  3. If you think the taste of water is too bland, try jazzing up the flavor. Whenever I’m craving fizzy drinks I’ll try and go for a sparkling water instead. Or you could also try adding fruit or vegetables (like lemon, cucumbers, or berries) to your water to give it more flavor. If you enjoy the taste then it can make drinking water a lot easier. There is a San Francisco based brand, Hint, that makes water with a very subtle hint (get it??) of fruit flavor and it’s all natural. This has definitely made drinking more water a lot easier for me.

I’m already starting to see the benefits of drinking more water every day and I love that it’s leading to more healthier me! What are some of your tips for drinking more water?

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Thanks for reading!

– Kiana