If you follow me on social media (Twitter or Instagram) you know that I recently attended the Grammy’s.

This is the second year that I was lucky enough to attend and I had an amazing time!

Grammy Weekend Day 1 kianaturally

My boyfriend and I took a trip down to Los Angeles from Friday to Monday and we were able to find a nice place in Venice that was really close to the beach.

We arrived in L.A. early Friday morning and rented a car for the weekend. Since we were in sunny Southern California and the weather was great we wanted to cruise in style and rented a Chevy Camaro.


Cruisin’ in Style


We then spent the day working out of the Google office in Venice. After completing the work day, we decided to explore the office and snapped a few photos along the way.


These Frank Gehry-designed binoculars mark the building’s entrance


Rooftop Chillin’


Checkmate! Life-sized chess pieces on the rooftop. Any chess masters out there?

After work, we dropped our luggage off at the apartment that we’d be staying at for the weekend. We were able to find a great place in Venice that was a short walk away from the beach.

We found the place on Airbnb and I was pretty pleased with the experience. Definitely a great alternative to hotels that you should check out. Has anyone else checked out Airbnb? What was your experience like?




Living Room


Dining Room



Once we were settled it was time to eat (always my favorite activity #foreverhungry) and we decided to just walk to somewhere nearby.

We ended up going to Cerveteca, a Latin American restaurant. It seems like it’s a pretty popular restaurant, especially on a Friday night because there was a bit of a wait. But, it was worth the wait because I really enjoyed the food.

Boyfriend had the Mac & Cheese with Bacon and I had Organic Chicken Enchiladas with Green Tomatillo Sauce and Crispin Honey Crisp Apple Cider. The enchiladas were so delicious! This was my first time having enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce and I was definitely a fan. Also, the portion of food was very filling.



After dinner, we were exhausted from a full day of work so we called it a night.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of day 2 which includes the Grammy museum and a night out in Hollywood!

Thanks for reading!

– Kiana

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