Grammy Weekend Day 2!

Boyfriend and I decided to spend our Saturday exploring the city and our first stop was a visit to the Grammy Museum.

Grammy Weekend Day 2 kianaturally

When we arrived, at the front of the museum we saw this brightly decorated car sitting outside which caught our interest.


I thought the car looked really cool and just wanted to get a nice picture with it. I asked the lady standing in front of the car if that was okay and she said yes. I started talking more with this lady and she ended up giving me a few business cards.

Turns out the designer of the car, Laurence Gartel, was the”Official Artist of the 57th Grammy Awards 2015″! After some further research, I found out that  he has been a well-known artist for the past 40 years and has been called the “father of digital art”.

He was in the middle of an interview when we first arrived but after he finished we were able to talk with him and take pictures. The woman I was talking to was his girlfriend/publicist, Crystal Lemon, and his son, hairstylist Cameron Gartel, was there as well. Crystal told us that she and Cameron actually use some of Laurence’s artwork to create different clothing items and accessories (her scarf in the picture below is designed from his art).

You can find more of Laurence’s artwork here.

DSC_0021Crystal Lemon, Cameron Gartel, Boyfriend, Laurence Gartel, me


It was then time to start the museum tour. The museum included various interactive exhibits and artifacts from Grammy award winners across the decades. Some of the featured exhibits highlighted musical artists Donna Summer, Taylor Swift, and Tupac Shakur.

It was great seeing personal artifacts such as handwritten lyrics, photos, exclusive video footage, and even the exact outfits the artists wore to the awards show, like Beyonce’s gorgeous white lace Michael Costello gown from last year.

There were also interactive exhibits where you could play instruments, mix beats, record raps, and more.


So much fun dancing across this floor with tiles that lit up as you moved across them


Sitting outside of the gift shop


Daft Punk 



Michael Jackson Exhibit


Tupac Exhibit


Handwritten Lyrics and Poems by Tupac

Overall, the Grammy Museum was so much fun! If you have the chance to check it out I definitely recommend it. After the museum, we picked up our tickets. I love that the tickets are laminated so it makes it easy for keepsaking.


Boyfriend is a music producer (check out some of his work here), so after we picked up the tickets we met up with some other producers for a creative jam session. I’m not musically inclined so I couldn’t contribute (the only musical talent I have is in the shower with the music blasting and drowning out the sound of my voice), but it was great listening to everyone else showcase their musical talents.

We also met up with one of my sorority sisters (proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority!) for a games night at her house and ended the night clubbing at Supperclub LA (I even got to see Wiz Khalifa and Schoolboy Q). It was quite an eventful day and I was exhausted by the time we got home.


Schoolboy Q


Very blurry Wiz Khalifa

Check back for a recap of Day 3 which includes the big day and a LACMA photoshoot!

Thanks for reading!

– Kiana

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