April Showers brings May Flowers…

…and warmer weather!

The weather has been great the past 2 weeks and I’m loving it!

May Goals kianaturally

Since it’s the beginning of the month it’s time to recap my progress on my goals from April and share my new goals for the month of May. You can view my previous goals for March here and April here.

Progress on April Goals:

1. 30 Day Oil Pulling Challenge: My goal was to try oil pulling for 30 days and track my progress to see if there were teeth whitening benefits. I had to postpone this because I ended up having my wisdom tooth removed the first week of April and I wanted to make sure my mouth was fully healed before trying this out. I got the OK from my dentist that everything is healed so I’ll be trying this out this month.

2. Driving Lessons: I realized that it would actually be smart to postpone my first driving lesson for some time in June. It’s graduation and wedding season so I’ve had a lot of traveling planned for April through June so it makes more sense to hold off on these lessons until I actually have some free weekends to dedicate to them.

3. E-Mail Inbox Management: This is an ongoing goal that I really want to improve on and develop into a long-term habit. I’ve done a better job and reading and responding to e-mails as they come in but I want to also focus on getting rid of the e-mails that have been sitting in my inbox.

4. Engaging With Other Bloggers: I’ve been doing a lot more engagement with other bloggers via social media lately. I’ve also been able to discover quite a lot of bloggers to follow through engaging on Instagram and Twitter. This is definitely one of my favorite goals I’ve been working on.

5. Eat Those Fruits and Veggies: I’ve done a great job with this goal and have actually started to develop it into a habit. For the most part, throughout April I ate salads for lunch every weekday and made sure to eat veggies at dinner.

Goals for May:

1. 30 Day Oil Pulling Challenge: I’m going to try oil pulling for the next 30 days, which consists of rinsing your mouth with an all-natural oil for 20 minutes. It’s supposed to have various benefits, such as teeth whitening so I’ll track my progress before and after. Stay tuned for a blog post about this soon!

2. E-Mail Inbox Management: I’ll continue working on managing/cleaning my e-mail inbox but will dedicate 20 minutes each day to this task as opposed to 10 minutes.

3. Engaging With Other Bloggers: I’ll continue to try engaging with 4 bloggers a week, either through commenting on their blogs or social media engagement.

4. Get That Money Right: I attended a financial workshop today and it really motivated me to get my money together and the first step to that is budgeting. My goal this month is to put together a budget and start actively tracking my spending. I’ve signed up for budgeting tools, like Mint and HelloWallet, so I’ll plan on utilizing those tools.

What are your goals for this month? What are your tips for getting back on track to making progress towards a goal when you’ve taken a break from it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Thanks for reading!

– Kiana