Last week, I introduced a new series here on KiaNaturally where I’ll be sharing some of my music faves of the moment. Now, I’m back with another episode of Must Listen Music Mondays!

Must Listen Music Mondays -

Must Listen Music Mondays: Episode 2

    1. Little Bit MoreJidenna: Jidenna first introduced himself to us as the “Classic Man” and I instantly identified with his sound. Maybe it’s because he’s a fellow Stanford alum (Go Card!). I remember so many of my friends claiming that song as the anthem. Another fun fact about Jidenna is that he’s half-Nigerian, You can clearly see that his culture is influencing the style and sound of this song. Not to mention, I can’t listen to this song without wanting to dance.

2. OjuelegbaWizkid: On the same topic of Nigerian artists whose culture influences their sound, I love this song by Wizkid. It talks about his struggles and his rise to stardom. This is another song where I can’t help but move to it as soon as it comes on.

3. U Don’t KnowJustine Skye feat. Wizkid: This next song features Wizkid in collaboration with one of my favorite female artists at the moment. Justine Skye is probably most recognized for her purple hair. I’m also in love with her voice and she’s so stunning! It seems like the theme this week is songs that make me want to move my body because this song is right on trend.

4. I’m Yours – Justine Skye feat. Vic Mensa: Since I’ve mentioned Justine Skye, I figured I might as well put the first song I heard from her. I’ll admit, I’ve been sleeping on this talented beauty but once I heard this song I quickly became a fan. This is one of those songs I like to blast when I’m all alone and attempt to hit those high notes as I’m singing along.

5. Down On My LuckVic Mensa: This is the first song I heard introducing me to Vic Mensa. This was long before his collaborations with Kanye West. This is such a fun, dance-happy beat and the video is a lot of fun. Wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to have instant replay moments, especially for those crazy party nights?

Well, that’s it for this dance inspired edition of Must Listen Music Mondays. Did you discover any new songs through this list? Were you already in love with any of these? What songs would you recommend I listen to?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Must Listen Music Mondays -