Last week, the men got a special shoutout. This week I’m highlighting the women with Must Listen Music Mondays Episode 5.

Must Listen Music Mondays: Episode 3 -

I’m featuring some female artists I love who make music you can vibe to. Whenever I’m stressed or in a bad mood, these are some of the songs I like to listen to. The beats and voices help calm me down and chill.

Now, I’ll admit…I’m no singer. But that doesn’t ever stop me from belting out songs. Especially when I’m trying to get out of a funk! I love blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs while in the shower. Mostly because the shower always gives you that automatic voice filter that makes you sound amazing. I know I can’t be the only one. I also feel like belting the songs out just releases all of the emotions and stress.

Usually, when I’m in a funk I’ll play some of these songs on repeat and sing along until I feel better.

Must Listen Music Mondays Episode 5

1. JuliaSZA

First of all, those curls and the freckles?! Serious goals. SZA is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment (think Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q) and is currently their only female artist. I’m anxiously awaiting new music from her, which she recently announced would be released soon with her debut album.

2. Hey LoveQuadron

Quadron is a Danish duo consisting of Coco O and Ryan Hannibal. I really like their sound and this uptempo beat is always uplifting to me, especially when I need a pick me up. Also, doesn’t it look like they are having so much fun in this video?

3. SunshineLittle Dragon

This is always my go-to song when I need to zone out. Little Dragon is a Swedish band. Little Dragon is the first group that exposed me to the genre of Indie R&B/Alternative R&B, which is now my favorite music genre. Indie R&B/Alternative R&B music has influences from EDM, hip-hop, rock, and R&B.

4. Leave Me AloneKAYTRANADA feat. Shay Lia

Now this is the perfect song to sing when someone is annoying you haha! “Go away, leave me alone!”. KAYTRANADA is a DJ and record producer. He works with a lot of my favorite artists including Vic Mensa, The Internet, and Anderson .Paak. Shay Lia provides the vocals on this song.

5. GirlThe Internet feat. KAYTRANADA

This song is also produced by KAYTRANADA and is performed by one of my favorite groups right now. Syd is the lead singer of the six-member group. This song is great for reminding yourself that you’re amazing. “Girl, you don’t know your worth”.

Do you also like to blast music and sing along to help get you out of a bad mood? What songs help cheer you up or calm you down? Do you like to belt out songs in the shower (many thanks to that built-in autotune)?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Must Listen Music Mondays: Episode 3 -