It’s the first Monday of 2017. That means I’m back with another edition of Must Listen Music Mondays Episode 4!

Must Listen Music Mondays -

With this version, I wanted to shout out some of my favorite male rappers that have a unique sound.

Must Listen Music Mondays: Episode 4

  1. CarolineAminé

This song has been all over the radio lately. This song is so fun and upbeat! You already know I love singing the adlibs on this one. This is the artist’s debut single.

2. Fall In LoveGoldLink feat. Cicero

GoldLink has so many dance-worthy songs that I blast whenever I’m working out at the gym. He’s also one of those multi-talented rappers that can also sing. This is one of his latest songs. I really love the 70’s inspired beat and music video.

3. Come DownAnderson .Paak

Here’s another funkadelic song from a rapper that doubles as a singer. I really love Anderson .Paak’s raspy voice. Also, I saw him live for the first time this past summer and he’s a great performer that incorporates storytelling and live drumming during his act.

4. SoberChildish Gambino

So, I clearly have a thing for rappers who can also sing (or vice versa). Here’s another talented guy that I’ve featured before. This song is off one of his previous projects.

5. Surfin’Kid Cudi feat. Pharrell

Kid Cudi recently released a new album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’. I’m loving this Pharrell-produced upbeat song. I really love the African-inspired drums for this song and it also just makes me want to get up and dance along.

Did you discover any new songs through this list? Were you already in love with any of these? What songs would you recommend I listen to?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Must Listen Music Mondays -