Nothing like a well-dressed man! The boyfriend and I have been attending a lot of weddings lately and he always cleans up so well. He agreed to pose for the blog and share some style inspiration around accessorizing men’s suits.

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Wedding Season is Here!

It’s spring, which means it’s prime wedding season. I’ve already attended two weddings so far and I’m heading to my third one. This was also the case this time last year. However, I’m not complaining because it’s great to celebrate love…and it’s an excuse to all dressed up!

When we’re getting ready for these weddings, I will admit I do get jealous of how easy guys have it. Just throw on a nice suit and call it a day…while I’m still dealing with my hair and makeup. Not to mention struggling to “suck it in” as I attempt to squeeze in my dress without the zipper getting stuck. But, I digress…

Just because it might be pretty easy for guys to put on a suit and be good to go doesn’t mean they can’t step up their style game but adding accessories to their look. I think the boyfriend does a great job at this and he was so nice as to share some looks on the blog.

Accessorizing Men’s Suits

There are a few key tips to keep in mind when accessorizing men’s suits:

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t feel the need to add every accessory you own to your look. Choose a few key pieces that complement the look.
  2. Color coordination. Try and choose accessories that complement the colors in your suit and tie. You don’t want to choose anything that clashes too much and takes away from the overall look.
  3. Quality over quantity. It’s better to have a wear a few quality pieces than to have too much going on with your look.

Some of the accessories you can add to the suit include a tie, handkerchief, lapel pin, and simple jewelry (watch, bracelet, ring, etc.).

Look #1 – Classic Evening Attire

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

This is a great look for evening events, such as evening weddings. The look is pulled together with black, dark gray, and red accents. Accessories include a watch, bowtie, and red flower lapel pin.

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

Look #2 – Casual Springtime Attire

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

We went for a light and fun feel for this second look. This look is great for daytime events that require a little more of a formal look. But the look is still fun and casual with the light suit and white shirt, which is different from wearing the classic button-up.

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

Accessories include a lapel pin and pocket square. Also, you can include sunglasses and a hat for an added flair and it will be especially handy for events that are outdoors.

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

My Better Basics

The satin bowtie and handmade fabric flower lapel pins were provided courtesy of My Better Basics.

Both items are part of the Harvest Male brand and serve to represent the “regular guy”. The guys who want to look stylish but at affordable prices. Both of the pieces are very affordable but of great quality. I also love that the lapel pins are handmade and come in a variety of colors, so they can complement any look.

Harvest Male Brand

Also, I wanted to share a little more information about the inspiration behind the brand. I love hearing the stories behind what inspires people to create and motivates them to achieve success.

The Harvest Male brand was named after the creator’s father and son:

My father is deceased but leaves a very strong legacy. He was a southern gentleman & statesman. He was a civil servant and, after retirement, the mayor of his small hometown in SC. He had a unique sense of style. He was a veteran who served his country proudly and instilled solid values in his children/grandchildren about duty, honor, respect, hard work & serving the community. He loved to have fun and entertain. Did I mention style?

My son, who was (partially) named after him, also has a unique and evolving sense of style. He is a college athlete and a more direct inspiration for the line. We were invited to his coach’s wedding. He wanted to pull a nice outfit together – a suit that didn’t look old & stodgy. While shopping for the wedding outfit, and after attending the wedding and seeing his teammates dressed similarly (coincidence), the idea for the brand was born.

How To Stylishly Accessorize Men's Suits -

Which look was your favorite? How do you like to accessorize men’s suits? Would you add the Harvest Male accessories to your (or your man’s) look?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!



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