As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to Coachella for the first time this year. I’m super excited for the whole experience. I have my outfits ready, artist lineup on deck, and it’s almost time to pack. So, I’m sharing everything I’m packing to help me survive my first Coachella weekend.

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Coachella Weekend

If you don’t already know, Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals. It takes place over three days and features musical artists, art, great food, and much more. Coachella takes place in the desert so temperatures can get really high. I’m making sure I have everything I need to survive while enjoying the weekend’s festivities.

What I’m Bringing


I want to make sure I can carry all of my essentials around with me. I’ll be carrying a cute and lightweight backpack that can hold everything I’ll need throughout the day.


It can get really dusty in the desert throughout the day. That can lead to allergies getting out of hand. I’ll be carrying a bandana to cover my mouth and nose for moments when the wind and dust get out of hand.

Charcoal Pills

When I think of Coachella, I think of partying hard! My sister told me she takes charcoal pills to prevent hangovers because the charcoal absorbs the alcohol in your body. I haven’t tried this before and there aren’t conclusive studies to prove this is true. But, I figured I would put it to the test this weekend. I got the Activated Charcoal Pills from Nature’s Way.

Change of Clothes

Even though the temperature can get to be in the 90’s and above in the desert, the temperature significantly drops in the evening. I’ll be sure to pack a sweater or jacket to layer on at night.

Comfortable Shoes

I’ll be doing A LOT of walking during the festival and I’ll mostly be on my feet. So, I have to make sure my legs and feet can handle all of that by wearing comfy shoes.

Deodorant Wipes

I saw deodorant wipes in the store the other day and thought they would be perfect for Coachella! Because of the heat, I’ll probably get hot, sticky, and sweaty throughout the day. To make sure I keep things fresh, I plan on using these deodorant wipes to help refresh myself. I picked up these EO Deodorant Wipes from EO Products in Lavender.


As I mentioned, with all of the dust blowing around allergies can go out of control. So, I plan to take Emergen-C every day to prevent getting sick. Because…who needs a runny nose killing their vibe?

Facial Mist

I think I’ve pretty much covered being hot and sweaty. So, I’m trying to find a cool relief whenever I can. To help cool my face down, give it an energy boost, and refresh my makeup I plan on using a facial mist. I just picked up the Energy Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist from Origins so I’m looking forward to giving it a try this weekend.

Portable Chargers

I plan on actively documenting my experience on Snapchat and Instagram, so I need to make sure my phone can keep up with me. I plan on having multiple portable chargers ready to go.

Portable Handheld Fan

I scored a free portable handheld fan at a conference so I figured Coachella will be the perfect place to use it. Again, I’m all about beating the heat and keeping cool.

Reusable Plastic Water Bottle

Desert heat calls for a need to stay hydrated. There are water refill stations located throughout the festival grounds so I can make sure to refill my water bottle whenever necessary.


I’m sure the sun will be beaming throughout the day, so I’m making sure to pack a pair of sunglasses. Also, the sunglasses will help protect my eyes from any dust blowing around.


Skin protection is very important, especially when you think of some of the long-term consequences of sun damage. Since I’ll be out in the sun for several hours, I’ll be making sure to layer on lots of sunscreen. Since I’ll be wearing makeup, I’ll also be using moisturizers/primers with SPF in them so my face is protected under my makeup.


I’ll be running around from performer to performer during Coachella. That will require a lot of energy and I’ll need to make sure my body is properly fueled to help me make it through the day. I need to start the day off right with energy-boosting foods and snacks. Since I’ll be on the go, I will want a quick and easy snack that is also energy-fueling and good for me.

I’ll be stocking up on the GoMacro Bars from GoMacro. Not only are these bars vegan, gluten-free, and organic so they can work for anyone who might have dietary restrictions, but they’re protein-filled. They’ll keep you full and energized throughout the day. Also, they have a store locator on their site so I was able to find a ton of locations right around the corner that carry the bars!

Are you going to Coachella this year? What would make sure you pack to help you survive Coachella weekend?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Everything You Need to Survive Coachella Weekend -